University of Warsaw Lifelong Learning

The University of Warsaw offers a rich selection of postgraduate courses, MBA programmes and courses for non-students. This offer is also extended to foreign citizens. Those who are proficient in Polish language are unrestricted in their choice of courses, others may participate in courses which are delivered in languages other than Polish, mainly in English.


Catalogue of studies


MBA studies


A special kind of postgraduate studies are MBA studies, aimed at those who wish to increase their professional abilities. There are three such programmes in the University of Warsaw, all delivered in English:

Schools of Foreign Law

Open University Courses


Open University courses are available to everyone who is at least 16 years old. The courses are based on bespoke programmes prepared by the lecturers of the University.

Full offer of courses at the Open University of the University of Warsaw


Foreigners who do not speak Polish may participate in language courses of the Open University of the University of Warsaw at an advanced level where the knowledge of the Polish language is not mandatory.

The remaining language offer of the University of Warsaw


The Open University also offers courses in other fields delivered in English. Until now, these have been “Religions of the World and Global Responsibility” and “How Italian Genius Shaped the World”.


The offer of courses, including those delivered in foreign languages, changes each semester. For information on the current offer, please contact the OU staff.