University of Warsaw Degree Programmes (1st, 2nd, 3rd cycle)

Degree Programmes (1st, 2nd, 3rd cycle)

Welcome at UW

There are about 400 higher education institutions in Poland. With 15 public and more than 40 non-public, Warsaw is Poland’s largest academic centre. Choosing a place to study is an important and difficult task. What are the University’s sources of attraction? What makes more than 33,700 applicants compete each year in the admissions process?


Learning from the best


The University of Warsaw is among the top 5% of the world’s universities and the leading university in Poland. Over 3,600 teaching staff includes more than 820 professors, while our students can work on research teams and have the opportunity to study under experienced lecturers.


Prestige, growth, employment


UW’s research shows that 94% of our graduates find permanent employment soon after getting a degree. Education quality surveys demonstrate two-thirds of those questioned to be satisfied with having chosen our University. In students’ opinion, UW’s greatest strengths include its prestigious standing, versatile development options and learning environment.

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Studies in foreign languages


UW offers more 25 programmes taught in English. You can choose from American Studies, Archaeology, Chemistry, Economics, International Business, Political Science, Psychology and more. We also offer language and literature programmes (philologies), such as Baltic, Iberian, Modern Greek or Finno-Ugrian studies (studies in Polish). We provide courses in 37 foreign languages, including Hungarian, Latvian, Macedonian, Persian and Hindi. You can participate in them regardless of your main line of study.


Top shelf equipment


The University’s cutting-edge and newly established research centres run cross-disciplinary studies in biology, chemistry, physics, ICT and medicine. The centres are also used by researchers from other Polish and international universities. The equipment available in the laboratories is often more expensive than the construction of the buildings which house it.


More than Warsaw


UW’s research is performed not just in the Warsaw-based laboratories. Our geologists and biologists carry out field research in various regions of Poland, archaeologists work in sites from Guatemala, through Sudan to Russia, while astronomers watch the skies in the Atacama Desert in Chile. In Ukraine, under the partnership with the Ivano-Frankivsk University, UW is currently establishing the Academic Youth Exchange Centre.

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Labyrinths of books


Including all the faculty and institute libraries, the University of Warsaw Library contains about 5.9 million items and is Poland’s largest academic book collection. Each day, the Library is visited by more than 3.5 thousand users. UW also runs the nation’s largest research library for people who are not able to read regular print due to health reasons and the ABC Digital Academic Library.