Warsaw Mummy Project


Archaeologists from the University of Warsaw has started the research on Egyptian mummies. It is called Warsaw Mummy Project.


Marzena Ożarek-Szilke, Kamila Braulińska and Wojciech Ejsmond are archaeologists and bioarchaeologists from the UW who carry out the research on 42 mummies – mummified people and animals – crocodile, cat and ram.


This research will give an answer to many questions concerning the life and beliefs from antiquity. However, it will also give a possibility to find out, among others, sex and age of a given mummies, the cause of their death or diseases they suffered from – including bone diseases, metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, and above all forms of cancer.


The first step will be to clarify whether mummies are genuine. Later, the scientist will take samples for laboratory analysis also genetic one.


The University of Warsaw cooperates with the National Museum in Warsaw, which has lent mummies for the research.


More information about Warsaw Mummy Project are available on the website.