University of Warsaw European Charter for Researchers

European Charter for Researchers

HR Excellence in Research award renewal: Internal Review for Renewal Assessment

The values of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers (Charter & Code) are crucial for the University of Warsaw, which is manifested in the Statute. They are inherently linked to the long-term strategy of the UW which focus on establishing the position of an internationally recognised, top ranked university in the CEE. Therefore, in 2022 University of Warsaw submitted HR Strategy for Researchers including the Gap Analyses; Internal Review for Renewal Assessment along with Action Plan for 2022–2027 and OTM Recruitment Questionnaire, in order to renew the HR Excellence in Research award.


Internal Review for Renewal of the award along with Action Plan for 2022–2027

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The works on the implementation of Charter & Code at UW are conducted by two teams: the Working Group responsible for the implementation and the Steering Committee with two Vice-Rectors as its members, responsible for monitoring and supporting the implementation. The teams are composed of people who are involved in the approval or implementation of the activities included in the Plan.


The representatives of the first Committee for the European Charter for Researchers and of the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers for 2015–2021 and the recently appointed Working Group remain in close cooperation. The representatives of the Human Resources Office participated in information meetings organised by the European Committee, the National Contact Point as well as in individual consultations. In early spring 2021, a workshop was organised as part of the exchange of good practises in the TRAIN4EU project to discuss experiences in implementing the HRS4R in universities belonged to the 4EU+ alliance. In autumn 2021, the UW repeated a survey among academics regarding rules of the European Charter for Researchers.


The Working Group prepared the HRS4R, revised the Action Plan for 2015–2021 and prepared a new Action Plan 2022–2027. The members of the Steering Committee following a comprehensive and deliberate study and discussion with the Working Group Chairperson, accepted the HRS4R and the Action Plan for 2022–2027.


The aim of the HRS4R and the Action Plan for 2022–2027 was to prepare a coherent, ambitious, yet realistic, evidence-based strategy that would strengthen the achievements of the HR Strategy 2015–2021 and to develop new ones to support the research profile of the University of Warsaw. 


The University of Warsaw involves the academic community in several ways, by showing the actions and values connected to the Charter and Code:

  • Professional commitment: The members of the Steering Committee and Working Group represent the academics and the administration staff of the UW;
  • Institutional commitment: Each of the HRS4R (2015–2021, 2022–2027) have been approved by the Rector. In the Statute of the University of Warsaw announced in 2019, the Charter and Code is referred to as a set of rules that the University follows;
  • Voice and impact: surveys for academics on their views and experiences with the issues raised by the EChR in 2018 and 2021; consultations with different groups of academics (including the early stage researchers and teaching staff).


Horizontal solutions that support academic community:
  • Welcome Point, a support centre for international students that currently expands its scope of activity to international researchers, offering a website containing all necessary information on the study or work at the University;
  • an equality team that has created an equality website for the academic community with guidance, recommendations, useful information and online training and Gender Equality Plan (GEP);
  • the academic staff competence development section in HR Office, which provides a wide range of training courses and tailor-made programmes, and exploits the results of a continuous survey of training needs and in-depth analyses when preparing programmes.


Some examples of the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) at the University of Warsaw in years 2019–2021

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