IntlUni Project


In the space of three years the project International University: Challenges of the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space was running its course.


This large European project was based on the expertise of 38 heigher education institutions from 27 countries of Europe and neighboring ones. The University of Warsaw was a project partner and the only Polish university in this team.


IntlUni project is now completed and this paves the way for staff members, university units and study programs to the implementation of its recommendations and good practices. The strength of the project lies in its bottom-up and qualitative approach, springing up form actual educational contexts and experiences of a wide spectrum of geographically and culturally diversified partner universities of varied degrees of internationalization. Additionally, IntlUni applies to the whole university environment and all its actors, equally to partial studies and to full study programs of all disciplines and degrees.


Project website offers the final report, whose recommendations are addressed to university authorities, country/regional authorities and European institutions. IntlUni Principles reveal quality assurance mechanisms in the multilingual and multicultural learning space.  These principles refer to HEIs, teachers and students. Illustrative Samples may become a valuable inspiration in didactic, organizational and administrative work.


The wealth of experiences of 38 universities may show a new perspective on our daily challenges of working in an international environmet and help develop our individual/institutional approach to internationalization.


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