Faculty of Physics of the UW co-organizes the Fifth Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries, “DISCRETE 2016”. It will take place from 28th November to 3rd December.

Scientific symposium is biennial. It gathers researchers from all around the world who speak about the physics of fundamental interactions. Among topics of “DISCRETE 2016” are:

  • T, C, P, CP symmetries,
  • emergence of symmetries of enlargement,
  • neutrino mass and mixing and discrete symmetries,
  • role of symmetries beyond the SM,
  • discrete symmetries and models of flavour mixing,
  • strings, branes, extra dimensions, discrete symmetries,
  • new results from LHC,
  • new facilities.


On 1st December there will be a special popular session. Prof. Andrzej Trautman and Prof. Tomasz Bulik from the University of Warsaw will speak about gravitational waves. Prof. Sergio Ferrara from CERN, INFN and UCLA will give a speech on supergravity and Prof. Lech Woronowicz will present a topic concerning with quantum groups.


In order to take part in the event one ought to register.


The symposium will be held from 28th November to 3rd December at the Ochota campus of the University of Warsaw.


More information about the scientific symposium are available onĀ “DISCRETE 2016” website.