University of Warsaw Registering for courses

A study unit at UW is 1.5 hours. There are very different ways to obtain credits for your courses. Some are credited based on an attendance record, others on an exam and others still on a written assignment.


Long-term students

To study at UW as a long-term student, you need to set up an account in the Online Recruitment. If you are admitted, you can sign up for courses at the USOSweb System.


Short-term students

As a short-term student, you can select the study programmes you wish to attend from the ECTS Course Catalogue even before your arrival. These may be related to a course you took at your alma mater, or you can choose a course in Polish or another foreign language, or for example Physical Education. If your application submitted at is accepted, you will receive a login and a password to the USOSweb System, in which you can register for courses.