University of Warsaw 3rd cycle studies

The University of Warsaw runs 33 doctoral programmes. A rich selection of doctoral programmes has resulted in an increase of Ph.D. candidates in the University – currently there are about 3,200 of them. The number of Ph.D. candidates from abroad also rises: they now account for 8.3% of participants of 3rd cycle studies.


The increase in the number of Ph.D. candidates strengthens the scientific potential of the University. These students take an active part in research projects. Due to numerous grants received by experienced academicians, the youngest scientists may take part in the work of research teams and receive additional scholarships. This is also allowed to them thanks to, among others, the distinction of the European Research Council (ERC).


Interdisciplinary and interdepartmental 3rd cycle studies include, but are not limited to:

  • College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Science >>
  • Interdepartiamential Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of History located at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences >>
  • Interdisciplinary Humanistic Doctoral Studies >>
  • Interdepartmental Environmental Doctoral Studies >>
  • Inter-University Program of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies “Artes Liberales” >>

International Ph.D. programmes

International Ph.D. programmes were launched mainly thanks to resources the University obtained in the International Ph.D. Projects competition. The doctoral candidates in specialties which received the grant are provided with scholarships and grants for their own research. Each of them spends between 6 months and 2 years as an intern at an international scientific institution. The scientists who are the laureates of grants distributed, among others, by the European Research Council play a major role in the preparation of these programmes.


The following programmes are currently available at the University:

    • International PhD studies at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw >>
      • International PhD studies in chemistry „From simple molecules to nanostructured and bioactive materials” >>
        • PhD programme „Mathematical Methods in Natural Science” >> 
          • Towards Advanced Functional Materials and Novel Devices – Joint University of Warsaw and Warsaw University >>
            • The Traditions of Mediterranean Humanism and the Challenges of Our Times: the Frontiers of Humanity >>
              • Practical Approximation Algorithms (PAAl): PhD studies we współpracy z Uniwersytetm Sapienza


! You can be accepted as a Ph.D. candidate:

  • as the holder of a Polish Government scholarship granted by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange of the Ministry of National Education,
  • as a paid candidate. Candidates taking up studies at the University of Warsaw pay a one-time entry fee of 200 EUR. The tuition fee, depending on the faculty, may reach up to 3,000 EUR per year >>
  • without payment or scholarship,as a scholar of a sending institution (another university or centre which has a cooperation agreement with the University) without paying for tuition,
  • as a scholar of the University of Warsaw >>

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